Switzerland Elopement, Wedding & Proposal Planning


It tickles me ( as a lady ) to think that a man plans a wedding proposal. How absolutely sweet !  What a beautiful way to start the rest of your life!

We have so many fun ideas ! You can have your own thoughts or if you need a bit of help…..with an active conversation we find the solution.

What a lot of fun with Del and Jas ! Congratulations and we wish the best to you for a wonderful life together.

Switzerland Elopement planning

What a fantastic time in your life ! You have found your perfect partner to build and share your journey together with. What better way to celebrate than to create a ” surprise wedding proposal.

What would you like to plan for your marriage proposal ?

We would arrange a pic nic for you and your partner, private dinner for 2, a bouquet of flowers, champagne… Your wishes are unlimited.

wedding proposal Interlaken photographer

Helicopter with a Glacier landing for your Proposal

Glacier proposal in Switzerland
helicopter snow winter proposal

Lauterbrunnen Proposal with a surprise pic nic

Here is the email request which reached us. This truly touched my hear to be part of this important moment

CLIENT INQUIRY:  Dear Pascal, Cindy & Lukas   I am a law student from Texas. I am usually a very calculated and deliberate person. I don’t make decisions quickly, and often I spend too much time planning. In asking my girlfriend, Meredith, to marry me, I hope to do things different. We are planning our trip to Switzerland at the end of May, and I think that nothing would surprise her more than me proposing while we are in Europe. It doesn’t sound like me. It is a bit risky and things could go wrong. I love to adventure, but sometimes anxiety gets the best of me. But I know I’m ready, I love her, and I want to give her a beautiful memory. That’s where I hope you can help! We will be in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland for two days. The scenery looks beautiful, and I know she won’t see it coming. I have been journaling every day this year about our relationship, how she makes me a better man, and my hopes for our life together. When I ask her to marry me, I plan to give her this journal. God has truly blessed me by putting her in my life. She is a unique combination of curiosity, strength, beauty, passion, and empathy.

CLIENT REVIEW FROM HIM: Put simply, Cindy is your gal. She is dedicated, attentive, and most importantly, passionate about her job. You can tell from her communications to her photos, that she loves what she does. And she wants to do everything she can to help you create beautiful memories. In my case, she went above and beyond to ensure that my proposal went on without a hitch. She helped me pick a location, she helped me plan a lunch, and on the day of the proposal, she executed with beautiful photos. Cindy’s warm smile and joyous spirit is infectious. I cannot say enough nice things about her. If you find yourself anywhere near the Interlaken area (or anywhere in the world), Cindy and the rest of her team is who you want!

CLIENT REVIEW FROM HER: Cindy, You probably aren’t too surprised to hear that I’m CRYING looking through these photos. They are so sweet. Thank you again for capturing our day perfectly. We can’t wait to share with family and friends. Thank you!!! Meredith

Muerren, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, Schilthorn Surprise Marriage proposals.

We will assist with all the details to make your surprise marriage proposal happen. Your ideas, our local expertise and together our execution. What a perfect way to share your love for your life partner.

There are literally endless locations for your marriage proposal, We will guide you for the timing, the ” plan” and you just have to supply the ring and your charm

Lakeside Marriage proposal & Photo Bike tour

We planned their marriage proposal by setting up a bike tour and along the way, he found the perfect location to ” pop the question”.

Hiking Marriage proposal

We love hiking !! Since we live in Switzerland we know so many incredible locations during your hike to stop and propose marriage.

Elopement Switzerland
bachalpsee wedding proposal

CLIENT REVIEW: Cindy was very professional, and exceeded our expectations in every single way. She was passionate about her work, and delivers amazing results. Her photos left us in awe, and helped make our trip truly memorable. I would recommend Cindy in a heartbeat. Thanks so much!