Discover the Role of a Wedding Planner, Why it makes sense

Cindy Lukas and Pascal Zeller pledge their full attention to coordinate, mediate and host your event with professionalism and pride.
We listen to your desires, then turn your vision into reality incorporating your “ style & personal character”
Your wedding foundation is created within your ideal budget. We appreciate this wedding celebration is of great significance to you.
Nowadays you can google all you wish to create your own wedding anywhere in the world.
The question is why would you want to work on your own wedding day?

Your objective to hire a wedding local professional is to have every last detail prearranged to smooth perfection so on your big day you are truly the “ guests of honour “ and your family and friends comfortably taken care of as guests should.

wedding planning switzerland Interlaken

Local Partner Services & Locations 

Hiring our services we can ensure a beautiful location for your celebration.  As a Destination Bride and Groom you are eager to secure the best Venue & Marquee location to host your celebration. In the course of 20 years as business owners, we have developed professional relationships to distinct local partner services and facilities which we contract to collaborate and complete your wedding celebration to its finest details.  Local Knowledge and Contacts = Professional quality service at a competitive price.

 Timing is the Essence

It is absolutely crucial the day must flow, the wedding couple and the guests are not to wait for “what’s next?” or notice any of the background activity. This is achieved with our timely and professionally presented program. We create a master outline with time lines, chosen partner services, and cost summary of your event

 Matching LOCATION with your VISION. Creating and executing

Each wedding is individually charged for our services, as we have 10 years of full time experience, we take a number of factors:

  Easy Wedding Packages: Taking your vision, we create simple solution packages for the smaller weddings.

Interlaken Wedding Reception

Luxury Wedding Planning

Pre-Wedding Photography adventure Packages!  Civil Marriage with aperitif and adventure Photography, Outside Sound of Music Symbolic ceremony with Alp Horns. Bride & Groom Elopement, Marriage Proposals : Suprise ideas to ask ” Will you Marry me ?”,  Symbolic Blessings with a luncheon BBQ in the nature, What is in common with all our weddings ? Beautiful Nature.

Switzerland Marriage Planners

Gourmet Solutions

Complete Full Wedding Services:  It makes most sense to trust your wedding to professionals to create your wedding celebration from  ” Start to Finish “. This not only takes many hours of  coordinating but experience of knowing local partners and collaborating the day to run sensationally smooth.  Locating the perfect location, whether it be a Castle, On a Ship, high in the Swiss Alps or Lakeside, the options are endless. Securing the many services it takes to complete a wedding:  Starting with Hair and make up beautician coming to your hotel to prepare the Bride, To the flower bouquet, boutonniere to match the theme for your Symbolic Ceremony and Reception Tables and decoration. Finding and English Speaking Wedding Officiant, Preparation of your ceremony, String quartet, Classical Guitar or other beautiful music to accompany your ceremony. Wonderful touches such as Alp Horn, Releasing doves or balloons. Offering a festive aperitif to guests following the ceremony, transporting the Bride,  Groom and guests with perfect timing and offering amazing options: Ship, Antique Bus, Cable car, Fancy cars.  The Reception is a grand part of the wedding with consideration to an epicurean delightful meal, wedding cake, concept and designing your surroundings, including your favorite type of music to dance the night away. Perhaps a magician. All the while we capture this with professional photography and video if wished.

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