Elope in Switzerland

More couples are escaping the traditional big wedding and coming to Switzerland to Elope. We escort you on an adventure in the pure nature of Switzerland!

muerren wedding
Muerren Elopement

Muerren Elopement !

Casey & Nick wished to celebrate their elopement with their closest friends and family. It was such a touching symbolic wedding ceremony held in the Mountains of the Swiss Alps. Perfect weather. Professional local services assisted with our planning for hair and make up, ceremony officiant, decoration and aperitif.

Dear Lukas and Cindy

We have been blown away by Alpin Photo and the work that Cindy and crew did for us to make it the most incredible and memorable days of our lives! We changed everything last minute for a more remote location, completely leaving it up to Cindy to pick the place and taboot she had contacts that opened up their beautiful restaurant for us as a reception!! My hair and Make up stylist was amazing and I loved my flowers and I haven’t even begun on how happily surprised with how well the photos turned out!! I’m crying all over again because our dream has been documented in the best way that we wanted. I’m not sure I should mention all the little perks that Cindy went above and beyond to do for us but they were forever appreciated. We definitely feel that every penny was put in exactly the right hands for accomplishing what we couldn’t have being continents away. 
Thank you for touching our lives and creating the perfect atmosphere for us to celebrate our love.

Cheers! Casey and Nick

Incredible Locations for your Elopement in Switzerland

Let us know if you wish to hold your Symbolic Elopement with a Secular Officiant or just exchange your own personal vows with our professional photographer.

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DIY wedding locations Switzerland

Many couples contact us to find a perfect location, then wish to ( DIY ) , do it themselves to save money. Please note private land is not open for you to use without permission. Many of our most beautiful areas with grass fields , waterfall backdrops are exploding with tourists visiting year round. Local owners of the land do not wish their land to be taken advantage of. Farmers grow the grass as a high value for agriculture. Switzerland wedding company appreciates the regulations and private ownership. Mother nature is beautiful, but lets please not forget locals who live here and wish to protect their land.

Dream Elopements in Switzerland

Kiko & Gavin chose to sign up for an 8 hour photo session, then the next day we invited their guests to their symbolic wedding marriage at the Castle.

elopement in switzerland

Hello Cindy and Pascal
We are back in Shanghai now!
We had a great honeymoon in England. Everything is incredible.
So appreciate your great work in Thun. 
We did have a marvelous wedding day, it is unbelievable and fantastic.
Fantastic photo memories .
Hope to have a chance to see you again, you and Pascal both are marvelous people, everyone in the wedding all like you two so much.
All the best, wish you have a great day! Kiko & Gavin !!

There are simply endless possibilities to celebrating your ” LOVE & COMMITMENT ” to one another.

How to Elope in Switzerland

  • Fill out the contact form
  • Set up a skype, what`s app or land line appointment for an active conversation to discuss your wedding vision in Switzerland
  • Wedding estimate of what we discussed & security deposit 
  • Easy solutions to create your once in a life time elopement in Switzerland
  • Arrive in Switzerland
  • Host your amazing Elopement
  • Receive everlasting professional photography & video from your day.

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Castle Wedding Elopement

Switzerland Wedding company are wedding planning partners of these authentic castles locations

Katie and Kevin had a fairy tale dream Elopement wedding. He was the knight and she the princess. They were so happy to Marry in Switzerland & we look forward to their anniversary visit ! Please look at our Photography Link for more samples: ALPIN PHOTO

Switzerland Mountain Elopement

Our couple contacted us just a few weeks prior to their visit in Switzerland. Their wish was the most beautiful location in the Swiss Mountains with green grass fields followed by a 5 star reception.

elope planning mountain
Alps Mountains Wedding planner Interlaken, Grindelwald
Swiss Mountain elopement
Swiss alp elopement

Couples are always first asking us ” what location” can we host our Elopement ? Well, we do live between two pristine lakes and the base of the Snow capped Glaciers of the Jungfrau region and surrounding incredible Swiss Alps destinations. Possibilities are endless.

Easy Switzerland Elopements

Today`s couples with to make it easy, Romantic, and surrounded with incredible views. With our Family team, we are your Wedding officiant, Photographer, our professional Musicians. Make it easy and affordable.

Photography for your Elopement

With our three professional photographers, we create you everlasting images for your once in a life time elopement in Switzerland.

Yes ! Because we live in the center of Paradise, the Jungfrau region, We can create the most unforgettable Marriage Elopement beyond your expectations. Grindelwald, Muerren, Lakesides, Glaciers…….

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