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Weddings are custom created for you. Please fill out the form let us know your basic information for your most important day. Next we set up a free active non binding conversation with you to discuss your vision, orientate you to what is possible and evaluate your budget together. This is a FUN process and you can know your local representatives are coordinating everything for your perfect day in Switzerland

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As a family team, we provide in house ” Photographers”, ” Officiant”, “Hostess”. This saves you money !

Hi Cindy & Lukas

We loved Switzerland. We knew we wanted to get married in the Alps, and after visiting Switzerland it was the only place for us. It was so beautiful up in the mountains and the people of Switzerland were all so laid-back, welcoming and friendly. It’s like the hidden gem of Europe. The scenery is breathtaking with the views of the clear lakes and the mountain tops, and it’s so peaceful. It was very easy having a local partner to speak with all the local businesses and organise our wedding set up on our behalf. This made the whole wedding planning enjoyable and took away any worries. We would highly recommend others getting married in Switzerland. Our families all loved our wedding and still say to this day that it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been to. A lot of people hadn’t been to Switzerland before, so it made it an even more special adventure for everyone. We are so glad everyone got to experience our special place. We visited Wengen, Interlaken and Spiez for our wedding destinations. We can’t wait to go back to our favourite  spot where we got married, to feel like it’s just us and the world, the way we always said that life should be – just ‘me, you, and a view’.  We love mountains and lakes, so Switzerland fitted that brief! But gave so much more in terms of its elegance, charm and peace.  Hoping to get back next year!  Best wishes, Suzy and Henry

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Luxury 5 star Wedding

The amazing wedding with Jeremy & Wendy, All the way from California with invited guests they held their dream wedding with our recommended partner hotel ” the Grand Victoria Jungfrau, 5 star“. Complete with Private Ship, Top Dj, String quartet, Rolls Royce and Castle Symbolic ceremony.

The International Gala Wedding

Switzerland Destination Wedding planning

Shab and Bryan`s wedding was exhilarating. Guests from around the world gathered to host a gala with Switzerland Wedding company. Complete with professional partner video services and our photography team, we captured the 17 hour celebration. With the flair of Iranian tradition and USA customs, it was a day to remember for all of us !

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Dream Castle Wedding

Katie & Kevin dream of a castle wedding their whole life. With our partner castle we coordinate all the details: professional hair & make up, transportation for the guests and bride & groom, Location security, Live music, Floral decoration, Photography, Cinematography, Wedding cake, and all the services you wish to include for your special event.

Elope in Switzerland

Hello Switzerland Wedding company
We wanted to thank you for making our wedding absolutely wonderful. People say it is the best day of their lives, but I (katie) honestly thought it was just one of those things people said, but it certainly was one of the best (if not the best) day of our lives. The setting was absolutely stunning! Even if we had to wait out the rain :).  Katie and Kevin

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