Switzerland Elopement, Wedding & Proposal Planning

Switzerland Castle Elopement

Switzerland Castle Elopement

Switzerland Castle Elopement

We truly enjoy meeting couples from around the globe. Hong Kong, China and Singapore brides and grooms are making Switzerland their destination for hosting their symbolic wedding ceremony. Within a few emails and telephone calls, we created this beautiful wedding at the Schloss Oberhofen & Schloss Spiez. If you have guests, you will wish to spend the majority of time celebrating your love and commitment with your cherished family and friends. Cindy, Lukas and Pascal take care of the rest !

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When you plan to marry once in your life, Switzerland wedding company are your local professionals to create a finished affordable celebration

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You can spoil yourself to ” pure paradise” in the Bernese Oberland with our ” LAKESIDE CASTLES” to for pre-wedding photography, civil and symbolic marriage and weddding reception.

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