Switzerland Elopement, Wedding & Proposal Planning

Pre Wedding Photography for Asia Couples

Pre Wedding Photography for Asia Couples

Pre Wedding Photography for Asia Couples

You do not need us to ” PLAN ” this day,  When purchasing our ” pre-wedding Photography” session : We will Chauffeur the Bride and Groom for the duration of the Session with our private car, or happily arrange an alternative upgrade: Luxury Car, Old Timer, Cable Cars, helicopter , ecetera.  As we live in this area 20 years, your adventure location is chosen on your wishes of type of backdrop you wish. This can be a ” Quick one Location session” two hours or venture to several location in one day or over the course of a few days.  We recommend to have professional hair and make up styling which can be arranged in your hotel room or our professional partner salon.  In any case, the day is not about just taking photos, The Bride and Groom truly have a touristic adventure of seeing Switzerland with our ” tour Guiding” included.


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