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Elopement in Grindelwald

What is the Difference of an Elopement Versus Wedding ?

wikapedia view of Elopement Some view elopement as an intentionally small and intimate wedding experience which allows more emphasis to be placed on the commitment between the couple. In some views, an elopement is celebrating your marriage in a way that fulfills and inspires you in creating a beautiful day with your partner that they can look back on for forever. Modern-day elopements are highly focused on celebrating the eloping couple, whereas traditional weddings tend to primarily focus on the guest experience (with the inclusion of cocktail hours, toasts, receptions, guest gift bags, etc.). While traditionally elopements were defined as small weddings that took place with just two people, an officiant, and the necessary witnesses present (all of this typically taking place in secret), elopements these days come in many more varieties and can also incorporate a small group of friends and family.

Elope in Switzerland with Guests

If you are looking to host a ” Marriage ceremony whether it be including a ” legal civil binding marriage” or ” non binding symbolic marriage ” to include the following possible services: Hair & make up, our in house Secular officiant, Flower bouquet, Location consideration, Professional Photography and transportation, then this can be under our ” Elopements with guests“. Also possible to add: live musicians, special transportation such as a horse and carriage, train, cable car, helicopter, boat. Once you wish to organize ” a reception” and or you have over 10 guests, this is considered a ” Wedding”.

How to book an elopement with guests

We would require that you fill out our on line contact form which includes a series of questions which help us to orientate what you are seeking. We wish to create a ” foundation” for you quickly so you are able to confirm booking our services. Once the foundation is paid, the next phase will be to choose a location. Thereafter, we can work out the finer details of ” what type of transportation makes most sense” according to the location chosen, what type bouquet you wish, hair Style, add-on to customize your day with a live musican or add an aperitif, discuss content for the ceremony etc.