Easy Wedding & Marriage Solutions in Switzerland

Civil Marriage & Pre-Wedding Photography

Civil Marriage & Pre-Wedding Photography

Civil Marriage & Pre-Wedding Photography

Legally Marry, then let`s go on an adventure to make creative and Fun Photos!

Bern WEdding Photography

Why Switzerland Wedding company ?

We will take care of you to see that you obtain your legal Civil marriage license AND also create an adventure to create Beautiful Everlasting Pre Wedding Photos.

 Hong Kong Wedding couples meet Switzerland Photographers

We are touched by assisting wedding couples from Hong Kong wishing to host their civil, symbolic and honeymoon photos in Switzerland.

We will assist you to obtain your legal marriage license binding in Hong Kong.

If you wish to say ” I DO” at a mountain chapel or Lakeside castle we will create your wedding program.

Some couples wish ” just Photos” of themselves in wedding dress and suit so when they return home to their wedding, they have amazing wedding images to share with family and friends.

Bring guests or come on your own. Switzerland Wedding Company welcomes you!!!

Ask for finished wedding packages or create a custom wedding around your vision and within your budget.

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love switzerland

Thank you for the wonderful work.

We have been back to HK for about 2 weeks; after a great holiday in Europe; and are now preparing for a private gathering to celebrate.

Your beautiful photos comes timely; as we also want to combine the display with audio; chosen to express the intense feelings of warmth, happiness and thankfulness.

In the disc,  many wonderful memories are captured, plenty of moving scenes, many faces of love but also, many hidden words too.  More important, there are no fakes and no hesitation.

After enjoying And enjoying, our many questions are : Are there more photos?  Do we recognize ourselves ? Why are they so beautiful ? And how lucky are we to get them pictured?

You should be very proud of these photos and we hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do.

Thank you once again –  as we and our closest  too can see them , again and again in the future which no doubt cannot be achieved without your strong preparation, commitment, sweat, ideas, encouragement and above all, depth of professionalism.

It is not just the word of  mouth which matters, the photos speak more.

All the best to you and wish you greater success.

Stephanie, Kevin, Robert, Carol

love switzerland


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pre wedding photos switzerland-15 Bern Wedding Photography Lucerne , Luzern Wedding Photography

Hi, Pascal & Cindy

We received the DVDs today!!!! The photos and the Slideshows are gorgeous and stunning, all memories are flashed back=)) We feel very lucky to have both of you as our Photographers, so professional and innovative, thank you very much!!!!!
Wishing you all the best!

Kevin, Stephanie, Carol, Robert

thank you Switzerland

Castle Wedding Thun Photographer Bern Switzerland Photographer

Bern, Thun, Spiez Wedding Photography

Pre wedding Photography Switzerland

Dear Cindy and Pascal

Happy new year, wish you have cheerful, fruitful and prosperous year in 2012.

First of all, sorry for my belated compliments, due to we are busy on my house movement, wedding banquet and crazy workload after come back to Hong Kong since our wedding ceremony in Switzerland in September.

I’d like to say thank you very much to Cindy and Pascal on our wedding ceremony, although our ceremony is quite simple, your professional, passions and sincere attitude gave us much impressions in Switzerland even we got in touch for only 1 day. You gave us a wonderful and fabulous ceremony, it made us unforgettable memory.  You brought us to the private green area on the top of hill…we met a crowd of cow luckily, seems they were knowing our ceremony, we went the castle with very nice lake view and garden at the back, all these things was made us very deep impressions, we ever met and had been there.

Again, much appreciate your effort and hope to see you in future.

Thank you very much !

Best wishes to you and your family

Vanessa & Bryan

Hong Kong wedding couple.

Bern Switzerland Photographer