Wedding Proposal

propose to your loved one in Switzerland

  ” propose to marry” .

We will plan a romantic and affordable day to your vision
- A hike in the mountains stopping along the way to a surprise picnic awaiting you followed by a day at the spa and then off to a top class dinner ……..just the two of you.
- gondola to the mountain top propose then we will arrange a private castle room for your evening meal together with classical guitar accompaniment .
- take the ship to the waterfalls and your partner will find a surprise awaiting for them ……..capture the moment and ask her to marry you now!  Return to Interlaken with a e- bike ( electric bike) then horse and carriage back to your hotel for a romantic night.
 Simple solutions your ” wife to be” or ” husband to be” !

” Will you Marry me………..” !!!

Fly via helicopter on the glacier. We prepare the story.

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Hi cindy,

How are u? How is everything with u?

It was an unforgettable and wonderful proposal and memories we had in Interlaken. We will remember for our life time.

My wife until today almost everyday she think about the proposal and she cant believe it. She show all the pictures to all her close friends and her family.

If u happened come to Malaysia plz inform me.

We will sure drop by Interlaken if we come to Swiss again.




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Hi Cindy

Thank you so much once again for your wondrous help.

I was so glad that today went so well and it was really lovely. Xiaoyun was totally surprised and I’m sure she will remember this for life.

I can’t compliment enough on the quality of your planning and service, it certainly far superseded what I was expecting.

We’ll definitely stay in touch and I really look forward to seeing you again. We will definitely be visiting Switzerland again in the near future (and definitely nice to have a friend in you now). Please reach out to us if you happen to pop by Singapore, we’ll definitely be more than glad to host.

 Thanks for the photos –Cheers    Ryan

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We had a fantastic wedding with Jill and Nathan from Australia !! Thanks for finding us


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Dear Pascal & Cindy

I have download the slideshow (pdf) ,It’s so beautiful and we love it very much.

The photo is so beautiful ,I remember the lovely day we are together.Zhou Ning and I are very satisfied and grateful.

Thank you for giving us  unforgettable memories .We will never forget that day and you.

We hope that you are happy and healthy.

Zhou ……. and Bai ……..

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Hi Cindy and Pascall!

Thanks again so much for yesterday! We had an amazing and unforgettable day and or family and friends couldn’t believe who it all happened. Everything went perfect and I’m so thankful for the assistance. We Can’t wait to see the photos and show everyone.
Thanks again for everything.

Jacob and Alysha

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