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How to  “  marry legally ”  in Switzerland

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Swiss Law makes it easy for International couples to obtain a legal civil marriage license recognized as binding in your home land.
Formal preparations can begin 6 months prior to your desired wedding date, however;  the documents will require a minimum of 3 months to be processed.

Our contact with the local government civil office allows us to inquire and reserve an available date, venue and time for your legal marriage ceremony in Switzerland. No wedding planner is able to process your paperwork for you. Like applying for a passport, you must personally visit your nearest Swiss consulate and file the necessary documents. We will direct you to the proper offices in order to obtain a legal civil marriage license.

” legal civil marriage license ”  valid in your home country

International couples  +   civil marriage    =    Switzerland

Interlaken civil marriage building: This historical building was originally a monastery  which was mentioned in literature as far back as 1133. Available: Monday – Friday

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 Diverse Civil Marriage Locations

These are offered one time a month during high season: Castle civil, Grand hotel civil, Mountain top civil, Thun or Interlaken civil, Bern Civil marriage. Inquire for more information.

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Civil Requirements

* Contact us to set your preferred date for your civil marriage in Switzerland.
You may obviously contact us earlier than 6 month prior to your wished date in order to have ample time to discuss and settle all other details.

* Affidavit stating your marital status

* Valid passport

* Birth certificates dated no older than 6 months prior to the wedding date

* Personal visit to the Swiss Embassy / General Consulate in your home country.

* 2 Witnesses: We can act as your official witnesses if necessary.

* A government officiate will conduct your service in English, German or French.

The Civil Marriage can be combined with a “Symbolic Ceremony” if you wish.

civil marriage license Switzerland