A wonderful night to start the rest of your lives

A romantic dinner for two….

They are both from South Africa,   Taelia and Dino.

What melts us is that we work together with couples who are devoted to one another and show such compassion for each other.

Creating a ” wedding proposal” is not about glitter and glamor. It is about sincerity.

Just to know your partner has given the time to create a special day out of the ordinary.

Dino actually went a step further and asked permission of Taelia hand by contacting her

parents to ask for their daughter hand in marriage.

I think Taelia and Dino will stay married and live a happy life together.


Propose-to.marry D&T  0005 - Copy - Copy D&T  0011 - Copy D&T  0014 - Copy D&T  0032 - Copy

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Your Switzerland Wedding Officiant Pascal

Pascal wedding offiiciate for your blessing

There is nothing more personal than choosing to have a ” symbolic wedding ceremony ” on your wedding day.
Whether you are ” legally married” or not, you can choose to host a non binding wedding blessing.
We create a ” personal ceremony for you” . This is your wedding day, once in a life time.
We assist with your ceremony but encourage you to be an active participant. We like to collect personal details and get to know you.
 We invest approximately 20 hours from initial contact to the kiss good bye.  And you are on your way to continue your day til the end of the night, dancing or private gourmet dinner for two in amidst the Swiss Alps, The hills are alive wit the sound of music……….you can hear it , taste it , smell it and definitively seeing it will be all the decoration you need.
China Bride and Groomannouncing Mr & Mrs ....Exchange wedding rings like Sam and Joanna

Creation of your ceremony

Pascal speaks fluent : English, German & French.
for other languages, we will offer our partner officiate.
Logistics, We cover the Bernese Oberland mainly for our Switzerland Wedding Company services, but travel anywhere on the globe for you but imagine you are inquiring for Switzerland.
flowers for your marriagewedding blogs T&A pf 0132

100 best wedding blogs

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Pre Wedding Photos

Pre Wedding photos are a great way to have an adventurous time in Switzerland and return home with fantastic images to show to your family and friends on your wedding day.

We are proud to offer ” complete” wedding services for our international couples from China and Hong Kong. Switzerland Wedding Company offers couples a variety of ” packages” to celebrate their wedding year round in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

wedding proposal switzerland wedding swiss 2 wedding swiss 4 wedding swiss 5 wedding swiss 6 wedding swiss 7 wedding swiss3 wedding swiss 12 wedding swiss 11 wedding swiss 9alps3 alps2

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007 James Bond Wedding

Are you an adventurous wedding pair? The Schilthorn at 2900 meters is for you!

Life is an adventure . If you are seeking a true adrenaline wedding, escape the concrete walled buildings for the Swiss Alps symbolic wedding at the top of the Swiss Alps. Your guests will return home absolutely exhilarated. Not only will they attend your Switzerland Destination Wedding, they will have had the chance to ski, snowboard and just enjoy the view!

James Bond Wedding in Switzerland, 007

Just think, year round this venue is available for your symbolic wedding or engagement photos.  If you want to propose!  or …. Surprise, your Bride to be!  We will set up your ” wedding proposal” .

an unforgettable

007 Wedding on the Schilthorn Switzerland

It takes you just 32 minutes by Cable car to reach the summit of the 2970 m high Schilthorn. Enjoy the beautiful view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (UNESCO World Heritage) and on more than 200 other summits. Have a rich breakfast or a delicious meal at the world’s first revolving restaurant Piz Gloria and follow the tracks of James Bond: in the Touristorama we will show you extracts of the 007 Movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, which was filmed at the Schilthorn. Or simply enjoy the spectacular view from our big terrace! courtesy of the Schilthorn.

Switzerland Wedding company, Wow, what a wedding!!

Louise and James hosted a James Bond Winter Wedding .

your swiss wedding (16 of 1) your swiss wedding (13 of 1)

The right wedding attire your swiss wedding (17 of 1) your swiss wedding (18 of 1) Gloves , Shoes? hmm, snow shoes ?

Real Weddings your swiss wedding (2 of 1) your swiss wedding (3 of 1) your swiss wedding (4 of 1) your swiss wedding (5 of 1) A real wedding:: and in the middle of saying ” I DO” a local free rider  snowboarder took to the powder….

james bond schilthorn your swiss wedding (7 of 1) your swiss wedding (8 of 1) James Bond Groom!

Switzerland Wedding Company , your wedding planners your swiss wedding (11 of 1) your swiss wedding (14 of 1) your swiss wedding (15 of 1)

guests with two legs and guests with two wings, look the bride wants to be a bird too!

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Switzerland Ice & Water Wedding

Allison & Kirby made their dream come true!

The wedding started in Muerren Switzerland, a tiny village perched on the side of a cliff with no public cars allowed. Their room had traditional red & white checkered curtains, a trade mark of Switzerland and as you can see the door had a heart shaped window hole. Swiss people take pride showing off their window boxes of flowers. In the summer sun we took the cable car to the valley where adventure was waiting. What a DAY!!


Good lord thank you! The photos and the slideshow are beyond amazing. I can’t believe you were able to get them processed  so quickly, but I guess if the photographer’s good it makes everything easy. Thank you so much and it was great to be able  to re-live the experience going through them. We keep showing just about anyone willing to look at the photos and everyone it blown away  by how amazing our wedding was. Thank you for making that happen! Thanks again and we can’t wait to see you again… that’s right, we’re finding a way back to Wilderswil! Kirby and Allison

Oh my gosh. Pascal and Cindy,
I don’t even know how to put into words how grateful
I am for you two, for the experience, AND FOR THE PHOTOS.
They are absolutely magical and we are so HAPPY to be
able to share these with our family, especially right now. Thank you so much, again and again, for sending those.
The slideshow is absolutely beautiful.
I’ve watched it at least 10 times today already. Thank you for rushing those, we are so lucky! Allison

YES!!!!! I do, I do, I do

100 best wedding blogs

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Hong Kong & China Couples Marry in Switzerland

switzerland Wedding civil marriage for hong kong couples in Switzerland


We are touched by assisting wedding couples from Hong Kong wishing to host their civil, symbolic and honeymoon photos in Switzerland.

We will assist you to obtain your legal marriage license binding in Hong Kong.

If you wish to say ” I DO” at a mountain chapel or Lakeside castle we will create your wedding program.

Some couples wish ” just Photos” of themselves in wedding dress and suit so when they return home to their wedding, they have amazing wedding images to share with family and friends.

Bring guests or come on your own. Switzerland Wedding Company welcomes you!!!

Ask for finished wedding packages or create a custom wedding around your vision and within your budget.

Hong Kong wedding in SwitzerlandPreparation of the bride

Wedding portraits for the Asian Bride and GroomSwitzerland Wedding Company for Asia


Dear Cindy and Pascal

Happy new year, wish you have cheerful, fruitful and prosperous year in 2012.

First of all, sorry for my belated compliments, due to we are busy on my house movement, wedding banquet and crazy workload after come back to Hong Kong since our wedding ceremony in Switzerland in September.

I’d like to say thank you very much to Cindy and Pascal on our wedding ceremony, although our ceremony is quite simple, your professional, passions and sincere attitude gave us much impressions in Switzerland even we got in touch for only 1 day. You gave us a wonderful and fabulous ceremony, it made us unforgettable memory.  You brought us to the private green area on the top of hill…we met a crowd of cow luckily, seems they were knowing our ceremony, we went the castle with very nice lake view and garden at the back, all these things was made us very deep impressions, we ever met and had been there.

Again, much appreciate your effort and hope to see you in future.

Thank you very much !

Best wishes to you and your family

Vanessa & Bryan

Hong Kong wedding couple.


marry in Switzerlandcastle wedding with professional photography

cows are a favorite animal to the Asia wedding couplesswitzerland wedding company

the Jungfraujoch SwitzerlandJungfraujoch wedding

The Groom is getting ready for his wedding switzerland wedding



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Welcome to Switzerland Wedding Company

wedding portraits in the Swiss AlpsHong Kong & China Weddings in Switzerland-65Winter Wedding Grindelwald  0253

Fulfill Your Dream…Marry in Switzerland !

And do you want to know what is best? We all benefit from your wedding, we return home with a warm smile and hug each other knowing our lives are better for the services we can provide for you. It is a very rewarding occupation we created for ourselves.  We extend our services to offer our holiday house. http://www.swissholidayhouse.com.

preparation 037wedding preparationHochzeits fotos Thun, Bern

We hire outside help as necessary, saving your money. We believe in using all local partners: musicians, bakers, hair stylists, entertainers, logistic specialists, hotels and the list goes on.

Bern Wedding Photographers Switzerlandportraits  008group 032

The secret to our successful concept of Switzerland Wedding company is only possible by thanking the numerous professions representing the Bernese Oberland, Jungfrau region.

Jungfraujoch wedding officiate wedding celebrant SwitzerlandHochzeitsfotografie hochzeit Münchenbuchsee, Solothurn, Lyss, Herzogenbuchsee, Eich

Swiss Quality, Swiss Service with an American touch of style and fun.  Darren Andrea and Mae visited us for a Week with 20 friends and families. We got to know them so well and by the end of the week felt like family too. We picked them up at the airport and brought them to Muerren. Pascal and Cindy spent the week skiing with a family, as Pascal is a ski instructor of 10 years in the immediate Jungfrau ski region. The Wedding was to be a James Bond Schilthorn wedding, but the snow storm closed the gondola transportation. So you would think it was a possible catastrophe in the making but our back up plan in Muerren nestled in the midst of a snow storm.  Everyone enjoyed the romance of huge snow flakes falling in celebration dancing in the air. What a beautiful sight, the adrenaline of the guests was high.  Dancing with the band playing their favorite tunes, even a teen guest jammed with the band. What a lot of warm memories, All in a snow storm! Darren and Andrea; Your wedding will always touch us. Wonderful memories.

Winter Wedding Grindelwald  0147 Winter Wedding Grindelwald  0163 Winter Wedding Grindelwald  0236



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